Dr. Budwig formula for more vitality

To possess sophisticated principles and to be guided by them, is very helpful. For they point the way to go and satisfied with himself at peace through life. Similarly positive effect a very specific principle to our diet - that of Dr. Johanna Budwig developed principle of good fats . It is a natural form of nutrition, which is the basis for a healthy cell respiration and an optimal cellular metabolism. Who this principle makes it his own, proposes a path to vitality and well-being.

Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese - a strong team

The careful diet principle is built around natural ingredients with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The central component: Natural, high-quality linseed oil , the basic daily ration supplies with his extraordinary energy potential of the cells to polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. Most effectively integrate into your diet, the omega-3 rich oil can with the Budwig cream that combines two strong partners in itself - that Dr. Budwig omega-3 oil of your choice and Quark, The positively charged amino acids containing sulfur of quarks attract the negatively charged, oxidation-sensitive fatty acid molecules to from the linseed oil. Thanks to this stabilizing effect, the highly unsaturated fats get protected in the body, where they can develop their full energy. In addition, the protein of quarks promotes digestibility and tolerability of fatty acids.

Compensation, pension and enjoyment

The valuable nutritional principle is more relevant than ever: Most people have a lack of healthy fatty acids on by a too high proportion of industrially produced food. This lack , which is proven by studies, is directly related to the increased incidence of lifestyle ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and disorders that are due to chronic inflammatory processes. The principle of good fats makes this important service to the compensation of the defect and for prevention . The sustained positive effects inside the body are associated with directly noticeable effects: To ensure the Budwig cream for a wonderfully light feeling and a pleasant saturation and provides valuable energy for hours. Do not forget: In combination with honey or fresh fruit of your choice it tastes just fantastic for breakfast.