Brand : Dr. Budwig

Product Code: FS-0006

Volume : 250g

Dr. Budwig Linufit® Pur

Pure and coarsely ground flaxseed were provided by Dr. Johanna Budwig used as a natural ingredient in the context of oil-protein diet for the treatment of diseases of civilization.

Dr. Budwig Linufit® Pur

"Pure and coarsely ground flaxseed as instructed by Dr. Johanna Budwig organically grown.

- For the therapy and the oil-protein diet

- For intestinal health and bowel care

- With a high content of fiber

- Natural source of Omega-3

- Vegetable protein

- with lignans

- lactose free

- Gluten free

- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Dr. Budwig Linufit is offered in the new packaging in adequate quantity for the rapid consumption to get the full benefit and the full effect of the fatty acids.

Dr. Budwig flaxseed products are natural and coarsely ground flaxseed, which according to the specifications of Dr. Johanna Budwig be controlled organically grown and carefully processed. The effect of health-promoting ingredients is activated by the breaking of the protective tray and the gentle crushing of the seed."

Recommended dosage:

Day, two to three tablespoons to supplement the Budwig cream under the oil-protein diet, with yogurt or cereal. Can also excellent in water or juice as Dr. Budwig Fermentgold (at least 150 ml) are stirred and consumed. Since linseed swell very strong, should be (at least 2 liters throughout the day) can be paid to a sufficient hydration. 

Additional note

"Dr. Budwig Linufit Pur should not be used in case of imminent or existing intestinal blockage (Illeus). The coarsely ground linseed Please keep a cool, protected and consume within four weeks.

Please pay attention to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle."