Brand : Dr. Budwig

Product Code: FS-0010

Volume : 250g

Dr. Budwig Linufit® Energie-Mix Pomegranate-Aronia

Natural linseed coated with apple juice concentrate.  With sunflower seeds, natural-sweet tigernuts.  Pomegranate and Aronia flakes provide an aromatic taste.  The linseed is protected by a coating of apple juice concentrate.  In this process, the nutrient and energy richness of the linseed is optimally preserved.

Dr. Budwig Linufit® Energie-Mix Pomegranate-Aronia

Fiber-rich combination of ground and protected, yellow and brown linseed, sunflower seeds and natural sweet tigernuts*

-> Protects omega-3 fatty acids by coating with apple juice concentrate

-> Supports digestion

-> For intestinal health and bowel care

-> With a high content of fiber

-> Fruit flakes provide the pomegranate and aronia flavor

-> Natural source of omega-3

-> With vegetable protein

-> With lignans

-> Lactose free

-> Gluten free

-> Suitable for vegetarians

Consumption Recommendation

2-3 tablespoons daily.  Also be great to stirred into water or juice and consumed.  Since linseed swells up very strongly, care should be taken to ensure adequate liquid supply (at least 2 litres throughout the day).

*Tigernuts belong to the tuber vegetables, more precisely to the family of sedge plants.  They are not considered to be almonds botanically, only their name and sweet-nutty flavor falsely suggest.

Additional Information

Dr. Budwig Linufit® Energie-Mix must not be used in case of threatening or existing intestinal obstruction (Illeus).  Please keep in a cool and protected place.  Please pay attention to a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.