The Dr. Budwig quality procedures has become a seal of approval. Find out which aspects are crucial.

1. Cultivation

The basis of all omega-3 products are flax seeds - they must be of the highest quality. Therefore, Dr. works Johanna Budwig GmbH exclusively with certified Leinbauern together & Co. KG, which have been awarded the organic quality mark and as specified by Dr. Johanna Budwig grow.

2. The mixture

Dr. Budwig Omega oils is an ever-consistent mixing ratio of various linseed based on the Dr. Johanna Budwig has been set. There are no chemical or other additives, no filtration, no heat treatment.

3. Pressing procedures

Dr. Budwig Omega oils are obtained in the original Budwig press method developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig has been developed in the last century. The pressure is completely natural and very gentle. It takes place in the absence of light and oxygen so that the highly sensitive omega fatty acids are protected from decay processes. Therefore, the original Budwig pressing process still leads today to the best taste and quality results.

4. The aroma

Dr. Budwig Omega-3 Linseed oil is a natural product, it is not currently edited after pressing in any way. The naturally in the oil bitter substances contained stay also included. Naturproudukte subject to natural fluctuations, it is therefore normal that the products may vary in taste and color also pressing for pressing.

5. The control

All Dr. Budwig products are regularly checked in the laboratory. Here, the texture, flavor, heavy metals, free fatty acids and peroxides are regularly analyzed and evaluated. So consistently high quality is ensured.

6. The bottle

The Dr. Budwig omega-3 oils are (of course, solvent-free, without the addition of heavy metals) in extra-blackened bottled and thus opaque glass bottles. One of the many steps to protect the oil from oxidation. The standard cold storage, also ensures the longest possible stable quality.

7. Protection

In the summer months we ship our Dr. Budwig omega-3 oils in an outer packaging that protects against heat. On particularly hot days, we equip your package even with additional cooling packs to prevent an interruption in the cold chain. So your Dr. Budwig omega-3 oils on the way to you well protected.